NRST Handbook

This document contains information on NRST operating procedures, disciplinary outlines and general club functions

Please note: The NRST Handbook has been updated as of August 27th, 2019 and all updates have been highlighted for reference. Any questions to the updates can be referred to 

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Table of Contents



1.  Welcome
1.1  Club Contact
1.2  Website addresses


Responsibilities & Conduct

2.1  Swimmer Code of Conduct
2.2  Parent/Volunteer Code of Conduct
2.3  Communication
2.4  What is Bullying?
2.5  Discipline Policy
2.6  Volunteer Policy


General Club Operations

3.1  Board of Directors
3.2  Staff
3.3  Club and Parent Communications
3.4  Group Attendance
3.5  Group Placement
3.6  Moving between Groups
3.7  Workouts
3.8  Illness
3.9  Concerns or Issues
3.10  Withdrawal from the Team
3.11  Transferring to another Club
3.12  Swim Equipment & Apparel
​​​​​​​3.13  Swimmer Expenses



4.1  Fundraising